strider small
Size Small

105 (Normal)
158 (Corrupted)

Weakness None
Resistance None
Override PSI overrides

Strider is a hostile Enemy in Horizon Zero Dawn that the players can confront to obtain Experience and Loot.  It can also be found in normal and corrupted variations. Striders don't have a daemonic variation.

Strider Description

  • Strider sports a horse-like look and behavior. 
  • Striders can be mounted.


Strider Combat Information

  • Behavior Info: Striders are invariably found in herds grazing quietly, converting the grass they ingest into Blaze. For protection against threats such as hunters, they are accompanied by recon machines such as Watchers and Longlegs, or combat machines such as Sawtooths or Ravagers.
  • As Grazers, Striders are quite skittish, feeling at the sudden appearance of a human, loud noise or at the alert call of a Watcher.
  • Weakness: Striders have no elemental weaknesses.
    • As all small machines, Striders can be killed instantly by a single use of a silent strike.
    • The blaze canister on  its back is protected so you will need to soot of the protective casing before trying to blow it up
    • Shooting one of the blaze canisters with  a fire iconfire arrow will provoke an explosion.
  • Resistance: None

Strider Attacks

  • Charge: Charges at the enemy at high speed, attempting to ram it with its powerful horns. Striders deal 85 damage if the target is hit. This attack can only be triggered if the target is within a certain distance from the Strider (15 up to 50 meters).
  • Double Strike: A forward twin front leg kick. Striders deal 70 damage with this attack.
  • Hind Leg Strike:  A Twin hind leg kick straight behind. Striders deal 70 damage with this attack.
  • Rodeo Kick: Multiple twin hind leg kicks in a circle. Striders deal 70 damage per hit
  • Spin Kick: Single 180-degree spinning twin hind leg kick. Deals 70 damage if it hits the enemy.

Mounted Attacks

  • Charge: Charges at the enemy at high speed dealing 20 damage.
  • Double Strike: Forward twin front leg kick. This attack is executed using the light spear attack button and if it hits, it deals 35 damage.
  • Hind Leg Strike: Twin hind leg kick straight behind. To execute this attack, you must press the light spear attack button and move the left stick backwards. Deals 70 damage.
  • Pivot Kick: Single 180-degree spinning twin hind leg kick. To perform this move, you have to press the strong spear attack once. It deals 70 damage.


Strider Location


Strider Loot:


Strider Components


strider body component horizon zero dawn wiki guide 75px

Hard outer casing to protect synthetic muscle and operational systems. None None

strider blaze canister component horizon zero dawn wiki guide 75px
Blaze Canister

Blaze Storage Container. Shooting the canister with fire iconFire will result in an explosion. Shoot off this component to collect the resource inside. fire iconFire
tear iconTear



Strider Notes & Tips

  • A Strider was the first machine kill made by the Nora huntress Aloy as a child, under the guidance of her guardian Rost.
  • Striders seem to communicate vocally with horse-like whinnies and neighs, despite machines being capable of non-vocal communication.


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