Skills in Horizon Zero Dawn are what Aloy uses to defeat Enemies. A list of her Skills can be found here. Aloy will earn XP as she progresses through the game defeating Enemies and completing Quests. Upon leveling, Aloy will earn a Skill point that can be spent on a Skill which will improve her abilities in the game. Override is an ability Aloy possesses, but it is not known if it is part of a Skill path.


All Skills in Horizon Zero Dawn

Aloy has 3 different skill paths that you can invest points into. They are as follows:



The Prowler skill tree consists of stealth-based maneuvers and combat upgrades.


The Brave skill tree focuses on direct combat upgrades for Aloy. These skills include damage and accuracy improvements on a variety of weapons.


The Forager skill tree is a support-focused tree that includes passive skills, health improvements, and skills that help Aloy to find resources from enemies and environment.


The Traveler new skill tree is available through The Frozen Wilds DLC. These skills improve the usefulness of resources and mounts.

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