Weapons in Horizon Zero Dawn play a large role in determining victory or defeat in Combat. Weapons can be used to attack or trap an enemy creature, and can be given Upgrades provided they have an available slot. Selecting weapons and ammo happens on the fly, and the game enters slow-mo while doing so, which lets you change tactics in the heat of combat as well as engage in some split second crafting. Below is a list of Weapons.

With New Game Plus, the game has been granted the ability to earn Adept Weapons. These Adept Weapons are only obtainable in New Game Plus and are overall better versions of the regular ones they replace.


All Weapons in Horizon Zero Dawn


Weapon Categories in Horizon Zero Dawn


Hunter Bows

These Bows have fast reload and aim speeds and are good at close to medium range. Because they shoot fire arrows they can also ignite things causing fire damage over time.

War Bows

These Bows have fast reload and aim speeds and are used to fire elemental effects into enemies, making them more vulnerable to damage or other effects. They have the lowest damage of all bows.

Sharpshot Bows

These bows have the slowest reload and aim rate, but hit for massive damage and are the effect "Sniper Bow" for this game. Pick these Bows if you prefer long-ranged combat.



These Weapons use elemental Bombs to apply status effects to enemies, making them vulnerable to follow up attacks

Blast Slings


These Weapons fire very slowly but deal high impact and area of effect damage and are good against groups.


These Weapons fire multiple bolts at a time with a spread not that unlike a shotgun. These are best used at close range when accuracy is not a factor.



These Weapons create trip wire traps that when broken detonate for high damage. These are best used when you know where an enemy will move or in narrow spaces.


These Weapons are used to attach ropes to enemies, pinning them to the ground and reducing their mobility, with larger enemies requiring more ropes. Attacking enemies rendered immobile by ropes will reduce the duration they hold.  


These Weapons are used in melee combat and should be used to finish wounded machines if possible.

Heavy Weapons

These Heavy Weapons have limited ammo and can't be reloaded. Below you can find information on all Heavy Weapons, where to find them and their effects.

Close Range

These are weapons that rely on a different elemental attack. Aloy needs to be really close to the enemies to use them effectively Below you can find information on all Close Range Weapons, where to find them and their effects.


Hunter Bows



War Bows


Sharpshot Bows



Blast Slings






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