Banuk Champion Bow

Rarity Very Rare
Location Can be purchased from Merchants (The Frozen Wilds Only)
Ammo shock-iconShock Arrow
freeze-iconFreeze Arrow
corruption-iconCorruption Arrow
Mod Slots 3
Ammo Pouch War Bow Quiver

Banuk Champion Bow is a War Bow in Horizon Zero Dawn. Banuk Champion Bow has 50 handling and can use Shock, Freeze and Corruption Arrows.  It is exclusive of The Frozen Wilds DLC.


 Banuk Champion Bow Description

  • The Banuk Champion Bow is a low damage bow with a medium handling stat.
  • Ideal for inflicting different elemental status  on Aloy's enemies.
  • It has 3 modifications slots.
  • The Banuk Champion Bow is capable of firing "overdrawn" shots. This kind of shots allow Aloy to fire exceedingly powerful shots by holding the string back longer than usual. As long as Aloy overdrawts her shots, the Banuk Champion Bow could be considered the most powerful war bow in the game.
  • However if the shots are "undercharged" it deals less damage than most War Bows.


 Banuk Champion Bow Ammo

  • Shock Arrow
    • It deals 7 damage-icondamage and 50 shock-icon damage. (3damage-icon  damage and 20shock-icon damage respectively if the shot is undercharged)
  • Freeze Arrow
    • It deals 7 damage-icondamage and 50 freeze-icon damage. (3damage-icondamage and 20freeze-icon damage respectively if the shot is undercharged)
  • Corruption Arrow
    • It deals 80 corruption-icon damage. (40corruption-icon damage if the shot is undercharged)


Where to Find Banuk Champion Bow

  • The Banuk Champion Bow can be traded for x12 Bluegleam. It can be bought only once per playthrough.
  • It can be sold for x100 Metal Shards


Banuk Champion Bow Notes & Tips


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