Carja Hunter Bow

Rarity Rare
Location Can be purchased from Merchants
Ammo damage-iconHunter Arrow
fire-iconFire Arrows
Mod Slots 2
Ammo Pouch Hunter Bow Quiver

Carja Hunter Bow is a Hunter Bow in Horizon Zero Dawn. Carja Hunter Bow has 80 handling and can use Hunter and Fire ArrowsCarja Hunter Bow can be found at bought from merchants


 Carja Hunter Bow Description

  • This lightweight bow trades power for faster reload and firing time, and is good to short - to medium - range combat.
  • Fire Arrows can ignite blaze canisters and backpacks.
  • It has 2 modification slots


 Carja Hunter Bow Ammo


Where to Find Carja Hunter Bow


Carja Hunter Bow Notes & Tips




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