Places & Locations in Horizon Zero Dawn will be listed on this page. The world is a massive multi-region map with several vibrant areas.
The environments have varied climates and geography and the world features a dynamic weather cycle that affects gameplay, for example, heavy rain can reduce line of sight and render fire strategies irrelevant.. Machines, tribes and music are all themed around the environments, creating a sense of culture that is tied to climate of the land. A fog of war obscures the world, and as you uncover parts of the map you will find settlements, points of interest, collectibles and activities outside of quests. Underground ruins and audio transcripts will let you learn more about the world that came before.

Campfires are unlocked as you discover them and then serve as save points and fast travel points. Certain machines can be turned into Mounts via Aloy's Override mechanic. The land is connected via a road network, staying close to the road leads to relative safety, while veering off brings Aloy into contact with more of the massive Enemies in the game.

The game will be using a GPU based procedural tech that dynamically creates the world around the player. The system assembles the entire environment: sounds, effects, wildlife and game-play elements are dynamically created as the player travels through the world, creating quite the living atmosphere as opposed to the scripted or static environmental elements we're used to in open world games.

The in game map is a 3D topographical map that allows you to see elevations and the lay of the land much better.


Places & Locations

The full map for Horizon Zero Dawn. Click here to enlarge

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