Bosses in Horizon Zero Dawn are powerful Enemies that are much more difficult than typical ones.

All Bosses in Horizon Zero Dawn



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    • Anonymous

      Story Bosses
      1st Sawtooth (mini boss)
      1st Corruptor
      1st Deathbringer
      Grave Hoard (fully operational Deathbringer)
      Corrupted Behemoth (Sunring)
      Corrupted Thunderjaw (All-mother mountain)
      Storm-Bird, Bitter Climb
      HADES infused Deathbringer

      Optional Bosses
      Rockbreaker (quarry)
      Dervahl's Champion
      Dervahl & Co.
      Bahavas & Co.
      Corrupted Thunderjaw

      Cauldron Bosses (4. 5 w/ frozen wilds).
      Fire Bellowback
      Stalkers & Eclipse
      5) Deamonic Thunderjaw

      Corrupted Zone Bosses
      (11 areas)

      • Anonymous

        Also, there is a giant bird enemy you fight on top of a mountain that is harder, and has a larger health pool than A LOT of enemies.

        • Anonymous

          It should probably be said that there are bosses in this game, just that after fighting them they will become regular enemies later on. Though *spoiler* enemies that you fight while they are corrupted for a specific situation, could be classified as bosses as well.*spoiler end* *even more spoilers* I would say any Cauldron end enemies are bosses, and a few side quest enemies are bosses. For example, when you are investigating the rock quarry where a huge mole/sand worm machine pops out of the ground, could easily qualify as a boss, as seriously that was a awesome fight. *spoiler end*

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