The Attackers

Location Southern part of the Sacred Land
Rewards Health Potion
Metal Shards

The Attackers are a Boss and Enemy in Horizon Zero Dawn. The Attackers try to kill Aloy during the end of the main quest The Proving, interrupting the final ceremony.


The Attackers Information

  • The Attackers are a group of Eclipse that irrupt the coronation of The Proving, at the southern part of The Sacred Land, to try to kill Aloy. This boss fight is unavoidable and is necessary to move the story of Horizon Zero Dawn forward.
  • It is a wave-based boss fight, in which groups of normal enemies attempt to kill the player. It is divided in four different waves of enemies.
    • The first wave consists of four Eclipse archers, that shoot Fire Arrows.
    • The second wave consists of four Eclipse warriors, armed with axes.
    • The third wave contain two Eclipse archers and 3 Eclipse Warriors.
    • The fourth and final wave, include 3 Eclipse archers and 2 Eclipse Cultists. One of these cultists is capable of wielding a bow or an axe, depending on the situation. The other one, wields a machine gun, that can be picked up once killed but can't be carried over after this particular sequence. 


The Attackers Locations & Drops


How to Beat The Attackers

The Attackers Boss Guide:

The attackers enter the scene after a cutscene. For the first wave of four archers, your best bet is to hide behind rocks or rubble and emerge to shoot them, preferably in the head.  The archers will stay over the cliffs and shoot you from there taking advantage of their higher tactical position. 

After a short cutscene, the second wave arrives in the form of four Eclipse Warriors. This human warriors are aggressive, and will hunt you down. They can block attacks with their axe, so be mindful of that when facing them. 

 Once finished, the third wave starts. This time, there is a mix from the aforementioned enemy types. Try to stay away from the warriors to shoot the archers first. This way, when you are fighting the warriors you won't be interrupted by incoming fire.  Then take the warriors one by one.

 The fourth wave is the final one. It is composed of three Eclipse Archers and two Elite Cultists. As in the other waves, the archers will shoot from above the surrounding cliffs. One of the Elite Cultists can switch between a bow or an axe, depending on the situation. On the other hand,  the other Elite cultist, carries a heavy machine gun. Try to not get too near to the machine gun wielding enemy, because it will shoot you down easily. 


  • Use your surroundings to your advantage. Running around to grab resources and crafting material from the battlefield can save your life.
  • Hide behind rocks and stones. Use this moment to heal or craft more ammo if you are running out of arrows.
  • Shoot them in the head. Human enemies take much more damage from headshots than from any other wound inflicted.
  • Warriors can block your melee attacks. Don't spam your spear attack, hit one or two times, then back away.




Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Fire Arrows: Shoots fire arrows to you Hide behind rocks or roll around.
Axe Attack: Uses the attack to hit you Roll backwards or to the side
Jumping Axe Attack: Jumps and attempts to slice you in half with the axe Roll backwards, quickly hit the enemy while he is performing the attack.
Elite Cultist (Machine Gun)
Machine Gun attack: Shoots multiple bullets with the machine gun Don't stand near the enemy. If you are far, the spread won't hit you as hard. Hide behind rocks until the enemy stops shooting.


Notes & Trivia

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