Location Past the Northern Embrace Gate
Rewards 4 Blaze
4 Chillwater
33 Metal Shards
1 Sawtooth Heart
11 Wire

Sawtooth is a Boss and Enemy machine in Horizon Zero Dawn. Sawtooth can be found at Past the Northern Embrace Gate. The Sawtooth is part of the main quest The Point of the Spear, in which Aloy has to kill it as a final test before entering The Proving.


Sawtooth Information

  • Sawtooth is the first boss in the game and can seem quite overwhelming at first, but can be easily beaten if you plan your attack.  It is highly recommended bringing the Tripcaster to this fight as it would considerably reduce its difficulty.
  • It is the first combat oriented machine Aloy faces. Being part of a main quest, this boss battle is mandatory to advance the story of Horizon Zero Dawn.
  • Craft as many Tripcaster wires and Fire Arrows as possible before the fight.
  • As soon as Rost says his final words to Aloy, you resume control to prepare for the boss battle. Aloy starts the fight on a little ridge, she is still far from sight from the Sawtooth


Sawtooth Locations & Drops


How to Beat Sawtooth

Sawtooth Boss Guide:

As soon as the fight starts, it is ideal to craft Tripcaster Shock ammo and Fire Arrows for the bow, if you lack ammo. Along the road, you can see many destroyed machines that can be looted for items to craft if you lack the proper ingredients for your equipment.
Once set, use your focus to scan the Sawtooth and you can see its patrol path. Since the Sawtooth does not have a radar or a tracking device, it is safe to hide in tall grass and sneak behind him.


A good approach for the fight with the Sawtooth is to place  three Tripwire traps along the road. Try to place them a few meters between each other, so they don't explode all three once the Sawtooth trips on one of the traps.

Once the traps are set, attack the Sawtooth from a distance without being seen, preferably from tall grass, using your Fire Arrows. (The Sawtooth is weak to fire).

The Sawtooth will instinctively start to hunt for Aloy. Run in the other direction luring the Sawtooth towards the tripwires, this will cause the tripwire to go off and immediately stun the Sawtooth for a few seconds, giving Aloy a chance to go for a melee critical hit or shoot it with Fire Arrows to try to burn him.

Repeat this process a few times and the Sawtooth will go down easily.




  • You can use Silent Strike on the Sawtooth, it will deal a good amount of damage, but it being a medium machine, won't kill it instantly.
  • The destroyed lodges in the vicinity are great for hiding. If the Sawtooth follows you there, you can round up the building to sneak behind it. Just be careful to not be too close to the Sawtooth because it tends to change direction quickly and unpredictably.
  • Even if the Sawtooth doesn't have any ranged attack, and being at a distance may be the best approach, don't be overly confident. The Sawtooth is fast and can leap towards you in a matter of seconds.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Jaw Smash: Emits a loud noise and does a single swipe with the jaw.  Keep your distance. If too close to the Sawtooth, roll over left or right to evade it.
Jumping Jaw Smash: A single swipe with the jaw, it closes the distance to the player as the Sawtooth jumps towards Aloy. Used when farther away from Aloy than in the normal version of the attack. Roll over to your right or left. 




Notes & Trivia

  • As is the case with most  machine bosses in Horizon Zero Dawn, once you defeat the Sawtooth for the first time, then it will turn into a common enemy, popping up all over the map as a normal machine would.
  • Aloy leaves the security of her tribe for the first time to face the Sawtooth, and takes a glimpse of the dangerous outside world that she has been unaware up until this point.





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