Mounts in Horizon Zero Dawn are covered on this page. Aloy can use her Override ability to hack enemies and convert them into mounts that can be ridden across the world, dramatically improving her speed. The machines that can be converted into Mounts are listed here.

When dismounted, Aloy can whistle for her mount to call it to her location. If Aloy has unlocked the skill "Call Mount +" she can call a mount even if she has not overridden a machine prior. 




Heavy runners that will bolt when disturbed, so they must be dealt with silently or quickly.


When a threat is detected, these herd machines will actively pursue and attack in numbers.


Herd machines that will bolt when disturbed, so they must be dealt with silently or quickly. Is mountable.

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    • Anonymous

      18 May 2021 10:10  

      I really want to ride a corrupter Even though it’s override is impossible because it has no override

      • Anonymous

        12 Aug 2020 20:26  

        How the heck do you get off a mount on PC i've hit every key on the keyboard ane even tried what looks like dismount in scroll wheel but nothing happens

        • Anonymous

          02 Jun 2017 14:46  

          I love the game, but I think they have a missed opportunity with just these mounts. If they added a couple more, and with each mount different attacks, the game would be that much better...

          • Anonymous

            07 Mar 2017 22:42  

            I am level 20 something now and I noticed after doing the correct caldron and a reboot as my mount seem glitched with the full tree unlocked in forger line for whistle for a mount...that yes i now get the Broadhead instead of the strider. When you first get mounts they fastly i think list all the mounts and poof off the screen it goes with apparently no way to recall that listed info. So what IS all the mounts and such??

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