Combat for Horizon Zero Dawn will be covered on this page. Combat is a tactical action, that is designed in 3 phases of prepare, engage and escape and takes on the tactical feel of hunting. Aloy can scan Enemies before engaging to determine weaknesses. Once combat has begun, she can make use of several Weapons to attack and trap the foe. 

Horizon Zero Dawn Combat Concepts

Scan Enemy Weaknesses

Aloy can scan Enemies for systematic weaknesses such as elemental vulnerability. Aloy’s scan feature lets her scan enemies for weak spots, read Items and track things of interest such as NPCs or patrol patterns. You can tag a machine’s path to plan your attack.

Expose the enemy weakness

You can shoot off armor to expose weak points or shoot off weapons to pick up and use against machines.

Hack or Trap your Enemies

The game features a hacking mechanic to turn a machine to your side. You can subdue an enemy in a variety of ways, destroying, hacking, or trapping.


Loot and Upgrades

Downed enemies can be harvested for Items that can be used in Crafting and Upgrades for your Weapons and Armor.

Explore the Land

The environment can be used to climb to higher ground or hide in foliage, providing vantage points and advantageous positioning.

Sneak Behind your Enemies or Fight upfront

Each enemy has a different zone of awareness that must be studied if the goal is a quick, clean kill. You can also go forward and face up your enemies.

The game features a stealth mechanic similar to the Elder Scrolls series based on a closed eye-open eye system. Sound waves will radiate when you make noise, such as walking on rocky paths. Heading through long grass and staying crouched are the ideal way to sneak.

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