Modifications & upgrades in Horizon Zero Dawn are used to upgrade Aloy's Weapons and Armor. Modifications are a great way to increase Aloy's combat and defensive capabilities in Horizon Zero Dawn.


All Modifications in Horizon Zero Dawn


Players will be able to modify/upgrade Aloy's Armor and Weapons by adding Modifications to an available slot on a piece of equipment. As you progress, you will encounter weapons and armor with more slots, allowing a larger degree of customization. 

Freeze Coil
+21% Freeze Rare
Damage Coil
+38% Damage Very Rare
Fire Coil
+37% Fire Very Rare
Shock Coil
Handling Coil
+7% Handling Rare
Tear Coil
+18% Tear
+6% Damage
Stealth Weave

+13% Stealth

+3% Resist Fire

Resist Melee Attack Weave
+11% Resists Melee Attacks
+6% Resist Shock


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