Aloy is the protagonist of Horizon Zero Dawn. She is a skilled hunter who has always been an outcast in her community, but now she is going to set out to find the answers to her existence. She makes use of SkillsWeapons, and Armor during Combat and exploration of various Locations. She can make Upgrades to her equipment using Items harvested off Enemies, and can engage in Crafting to create new pieces of gear.

As Aloy earns XP from defeating foes and completing Quests, she will level up and earn points that she can spend on Skills to improve her effectiveness in areas like stealth, damage dealing and resource gathering.


Aloy Information

  • Aloy is most concerned with finding her origin, and most importantly who her mother was.
  • She has been raised in the Nora Tribe, but the Tribe completely ignores her existence for unknown reasons. Only a few people will want to interact with or sell items to her.
  • Aloy was raised by another outcast named Rost, who was forced to do so by the Nora tribe.
  • Rost embraces his father figure role, and is stern and overprotective but ultimately wants the best for Aloy.
  • There are playable flashbacks of Aloy's childhood during the game that shed light on her story.
  • There will be a few Quests with Aloy as a child, which will be mostly used as tutorial quests. When she reaches adulthood, the game's bigger mechanics will open up such as her skills and the larger machine enemies.

The game will feature interactive dialogue when speaking with NPCs & Characters, giving Aloy different conversation options. Trying out different choices gives players an opportunity to explore the lore of the world.

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