Rost is an NPC in Horizon Zero Dawn. Rost is a Nora Outcast and can be found at Rost's Hovel, when he is still alive. Rost was a burly man, with a barrel-like chest and powerful arms and legs. His beard and hair were braided and slightly grayed with age. Like other Nora, he wore blue facepaint and carried a bow across his back.


 The strength to stand, Aloy, is the strength to make a stand; to serve a purpose greater than yourself.


Rost Information:

  • He raised Aloy from infancy and trained her, ultimately sacrificing himself to save her life. He is responsible for her unparalleled skills as a hunter, tracker and warrior. He is the only parent she has ever known, and the lone influential figure in her life.
  • Rost lost both his daughter, Alana, and his former unnamed mate to a outlander attack on Mother's Vigil. This tragic event, led to Rost becoming a Death-Seeker,
  • Becoming a Death-Seeker, enabled Rost to leave the Sacred Land and seek revenge on his family killers. Once back, the tribe could not take him back, so he willingly became an Oucast.
  • When a mysterious infant girl was discovered, the High Matriarchs decided to give her to Rost to raise as an Outcast. That mysterious infant girl, was Aloy.
  • As Aloy grew, she started to question her motherhood and why the rest of the tribe resented her. Rost told her about the proving and that winning it would lead her to the answers she was seeking. Aloy, determined to learn the truth, trained intensively under Rost's guidance.
  • After 12 years, once Aloy reached the age of 18 years old, Rost told Aloy that they would not see each other again, as he was an Outcast and she was to become a Nora Brave.
  • After The Proving finished, the Eclipse attacked the ceremony. Their leader, Helis, attempted to kill Aloy, but was stopped by Rost, who ultimately saved her before being stabbed by Helis. Eventually Rost died.


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Rost Notes and Tips

  • At various points during the game, Aloy can return to Rost's grave and "speak to him," telling him of the various people she's met and the things she's done throughout her journeys.



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