Carja Mighty Bow

Rarity Rare
Location Can be purchased from Merchants
Ammo damage-iconHunter Arrow
fire-iconFire Arrows
Mod Slots 2
Ammo Pouch Hunter Bow Quiver

Carja Mighty Bow is a Hunter Bow in Horizon Zero Dawn. Carja Mighty Bow has 80 handling and can use Hunter and Fire ArrowsCarja Mighty Bow used to be a pre-order bonus included in some versions of the game.


 Carja Mighty Bow Description

  • This lightweight bow trades power for faster reload and firing time, and is good to short - to medium - range combat.
  • Fire Arrows can ignite blaze canisters and backpacks.
  • It has 2 modification slots


 Carja Mighty Bow Ammo


Where to Find Carja Mighty Bow

  • Can be purchased from general Merchants for x1 Carja Mighty
    Bow Token (Only available in some editions of the game)
  • It is free in the complete edition of the game.


Carja Mighty Bow Notes & Tips




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