Lodge Blast Sling

Rarity Very Rare
Location Meridian
Ammo Blast Bomb
Sticky Bomb
Proximity Bomb
Mod Slots 3
Ammo Pouch Blast Sling Ammo Pouch

Lodge Blast Sling is a Blast Slings in Horizon Zero Dawn. Lodge Blast Sling has 70 handling and can use Blast Bomb, Sticky Bomb and Proximity Bomb as ammo. 


 Lodge Blast Sling Description

  • This slow firing sling lobs explosive bombs with various trigger mechanisms that are best used for dealing high impact and area damage.
  • The Lodge Blast Sling has 3 modification slots.
  • The only difference with the Shadow Blast Sling is that the Lodge Blast Sling has better handling, the damage output is the same in both weapons. That slight edge, makes the Lodge Blast Sling the best weapon on its category.


 Lodge Blast Sling Ammo

  • Blast Bomb: Explodes on impact.
    • It deals 100 damage-icondamage.
  • Sticky Bomb: sticks to target and explodes after five seconds.
    • It deals 150 damage-icon damage.
  • Proximity Bomb:  Triggered once enemy gets within range.
    • It deals 75 damage-icon damage.


Where to Find Lodge Blast Sling

  • The Lodge Blast Sling can be obtained once Aloy earns at least 15 Half Sun Marks on the 5 Hunting Grounds trials. After doing this, Aidaba will reward Aloy with the Lodge Blast Sling.
  • Doing this is part of the the side quest Weapons of the Lodge
  • It can be sold to merchants for:


Lodge Blast Sling Notes & Tips 


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