Sharpshot Bow

Rarity Uncommon
Location Can be purchased from Merchants
Ammo Precision Arrows
Mod Slots 1
Ammo Pouch Sharpshot Bow Quiver

Sharpshot Bow is a Sharpshot Bow in Horizon Zero Dawn. Sharpshot Bow has 20  handling and can use Precision ArrowsSharpshot Bow can be purchased from merchants early in the game. The is the base version of this type of weapon.


 Sharpshot Bow Description

  • Long range bow, that deals high damage. 
  • Sharpshot bow has a slow fire rate. 
  • Ideal for sniping at a distance.
  • It has 1 modification slot.


 Sharpshot Bow Ammo


Where to Find Sharpshot Bow

Sharpshot Bow Notes & Tips

The bow Rost carried throughout his appearance during Aloy's childhood in the game is a Sharpshot bow, judging by its physical appearance.



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