Shadow Blast Sling

Rarity Very Rare
Location Can be purchased from Merchants
Ammo Blast Bomb
Sticky Bomb
Proximity Bomb
Mod Slots 3
Ammo Pouch Blast Sling Ammo Pouch

Shadow Blast Sling is a Blast Slings in Horizon Zero Dawn. Shadow Blast Sling has 40 handling and can use Blast Bombs, Sticky Bombs and Proximity Bombs as ammo.


 Shadow Blast Sling Description

  • This slow firing sling lobs explosive bombs with various trigger mechanisms that are best used for dealing high impact and area damage.
  • The Carja Blast Sling has 3 modification slot.


 Shadow Blast Sling Ammo

  • Blast Bomb: Explodes on impact.
    • It deals 100 damage-icondamage.
  • Sticky Bomb: sticks to target and explodes after five seconds.
    • It deals 150 damage-icon damage.
  • Proximity Bomb:  Triggered once enemy gets within range.
    • It deals 75 damage-icon damage.


Where to Find Shadow Blast Sling

Shadow Blast Sling Notes & Tips



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    • Anonymous

      25 Dec 2020 02:20  

      How do u change sling ammo? Im stuck on freeze fire and shock.cant change to blast..yes they are purchased...

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