Carja Ropecaster

Rarity Rare
Location Can be purchased from Merchants
Ammo Tie Rope Medium
Mod Slots 2
Ammo Pouch Ropecaster Ammo Pouch

Carja Ropecaster is a Ropecaster in Horizon Zero Dawn. Carja Ropecaster has 50 handling and can only use the Tie Rope Medium  ammo.  This page is dedicated to the base version of the Carja Ropecaster.


 Carja Ropecaster Description

  • The Carja Ropecaster is used to tied down machines and immobilize them.
  • Larger targets require more ropes to tie down.
  • Attacking a tied machine will reduce the immobilization time.
  • Has 2 modification slot.
  • The Carja Ropecaster is a useful tool to override machines. Once pinned down, the machine can't prevent being overriden.


 Carja Ropecaster Ammo

  • Tie Rope Medium: It deals no damage and has an anchor strength of 75. 
    • It deals 150 tear-iconWill not remove machine components.

 Machines Tolerance

Each machine type has a different resistance towards the Carja Ropecaster's ability to immobilize it. 




Where to Find Carja Ropecaster


Carja Ropecaster Notes & Tips

  • The  Ropecasters are the only type of weapon in the game where each tier has an exclusive ammo type.
  • Deathbringers are the only machine immune to the effects of the Ropecasters
  • Without any kind of Ropecaster if would be impossible to override a Stormbird



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