Adept Weapons are a feature of New Game+ in Horizon Zero Dawn. Adept Weapons have more potential than their regular versions in the normal game mode. Adept items replace their regular version in New Game+, and thus must be acquired in the same fashion: either purchased from merchants or acquired as rewards. Only weapons of the "Very Rare" category have Adept versions. Adept equipment can be carried over to another New Game+. Below you can see a chart with the full list of Adept Weapons available in Horizon Zero Dawn.


All Adept Weapons in Horizon Zero Dawn


Weapon Name



Regular Cost

Ultra Hard Cost

Adept Hunter Bow
Hunter Bow Merchants x1300 Metal Shards
x1 Watcher Heart
x1 Stormbird Heart
x6500 Metal Shards
x2 Watcher Heart
x2 Stormbird Heart
Adept Striker Bow (The Frozen Wilds only)
Hunter Bow Merchants (once per playthrough) x1250 Metal Shards
x16 Bluegleam
x1 Fireclaw Heart
x6250 Metal Shards
x16 Bluegleam
x1 Fireclaw Heart
Adept War Bow
War Bow Merchants  x1600 Metal Shards
x1 Trampler Heart
x1 Thunderjaw Heart

x8000 Metal Shards
x2 Trampler Heart
x2 Thunderjaw Heart

Adept Lodge War Bow
War Bow Hunters Lodge   15 Blazing Suns 15 Blazing Suns   
Adept Champion Bow (The Frozen Wilds only)
War Bow Merchants (once per playthrough) x1250 Metal Shards
x12 Bluegleam
x1 Frostclaw Heart
x6250 Metal Shards
x12 Bluegleam
x1 Frostclaw Heart
Adept Sharpshot Bow
Sharpshot Bow Merchants  x1600 Metal Shards
x1 Sawtooth Heart
x1 Longleg Heart
x8000 Metal Shards
x2 Sawtooth Heart
x2 Longleg Heart
Adept Powershot Bow (The Frozen Wilds only)
Sharpshot Bow Merchants (once per playthrough) x1250 Metal Shards
x14 Bluegleam
x1 Scorcher Heart
x6250 Metal Shards
x14 Bluegleam
x1 Scorcher Heart
Adept Ropecaster
Ropecaster Merchants  x1000 Metal Shards
x1 Snapmaw Heart
x1 Shell-Walker Heart
x5000 Metal Shards
x2 Snapmaw Heart
x2 Shell-Walker Heart
Adept Lodge Ropecaster
Ropecaster Hunters Lodge  15 Full Sun Marks 15 Full Sun Marks
Adept Tripcaster
Tripcaster  Merchants x1500 Metal Shards
x1 Grazer Heart
x1 Scrapper Heart
x7500 Metal Shards
x2 Grazer Heart
x2 Scrapper Heart
Adept Sling
Sling Merchants  x1300 Metal Shards
x1 Crystal Braiding
x1 Luminous Braiding
x6500 Metal Shards
x2 Crystal Braiding
x2 Luminous Braiding
Adept Blast Sling
Blast Sling Merchants  x2800 Metal Shards
x1 Lancehorn Heart
x1 Charger Heart
x14000 Metal Shards
x2 Lancehorn Heart
x2 Charger Heart
Adept Lodge Blast Sling
Blast Sling Hunters Lodge 15 Half Sun Marks 15 Half Sun Marks  
Adept Rattler
Rattler Merchants  x1900 Metal Shards
x1 Rat Skin
x1 Goose Skin
x1 Racoon Skin
x9500 Metal Shards
x2 Rat Skin
x2 Goose Skin
x2 Racoon Skin
Adept Stormslinger ( The Frozen Wilds only)
Stormslinger Varga
x3300 Metal Shards
x1 Scorcher Heart
x5 Boar Skin
x16500 Metal Shards
x2 Scorcher Heart
x10 Boar Skin
Adept Icerail ( The Frozen Wilds only)
Icerail Varga
x3000 Metal Shards
x1 Frostclaw Heart
x50 Blaze
x15000 Metal Shards
x2 Frostclaw Heart
x100 Blaze
Adept Forgefire ( The Frozen Wilds only)
Forgefire Varga
x3200 Metal Shards
x1 Fireclaw Heart
x50 Metal Vessel
x16000 Metal Shards
x2 Fireclaw Heart
x100 Metal Vessel


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