New Game+ is a feature in Horizon Zero Dawn that lets plays start a new game cycle after completing their first playthrough. It was added on 7/6/17 with Patch 1.30.


New Game+

  • In New Game+ you will be able to continue the game into a new playthrough after beating it a first time and you'll maintain your character progression and your inventory. You won't be able to go past the level cap of 50 but you'll still be able to earn XP.
  • Now before starting a new game cycle you can adjust the difficulty level as you wish, including selecting the new Ultra Hard difficulty. Ultra Hard enhances machine senses and behavior and will limit health regen and other small tweaks. If you select this difficulty for a playthrough, you will not have an option to switch it to a lower setting.
  • The New Game+ mode adds 2 new trophies to the game for completing New Game+ and completing it in Ultra Hard Mode. These trophies are separate from the Platinum so they are not necessary to complete to earn the coveted trophy, but something tells me completionists aren't going to let those trophies go unearned regardless. New Game+ also adds some unlockable content that lets players add facepaint or change Aloy's Focus.

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