Rarity Rare
Location Completing Stone Yield Bandit Camp
Can be purchased from Merchants
Ammo Firethrower
Mod Slots 1
Ammo Pouch Forgefire Ammo Pouch

Forgefire is a Close Range Weapon in Horizon Zero Dawn. Forgefire has 70 handling and can use Firethrower ammo. This is a weapon exclusive to The Frozen Wilds DLC, not available in the base version of Horizon Zero Dawn.


 Forgefire Description

  • It fires a close ranged attack that deals medium fire-iconFire damage and high fire-iconFire severity on impact and leaves a burning area that deals low fire-iconFire damage and severity over time.
  • The Forgefire can be turned into the Improved Forgefire by completing the quest Geared Up: Forgefire


 Forgefire Ammo


Where to Find Forgefire

Forgefire Notes & Tips




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