Hunter Bow

Rarity Uncommon
Location Given by Rost
Ammo damage-icon Hunter Arrows
Mod Slots None
Hunter Bow Quiver

Hunter Bow is the first Hunter Bow Aloy acquires in Horizon Zero Dawn. Hunter Bow has 80 handling and can only use hunter arrows. The is the base version of this type of weapon.


 Hunter Bow Description

  • The Hunter Bow is a short and quick low level bow, ideal for shot and medium combat.
  • It is given to Aloy by Rost. She uses this bow as a child, once she reaches adulthood she automatically starts using the stronger Carja Hunter Bow.


 Hunter Bow Ammo

Where to Find Hunter Bow

  • The first bow the player uses. Given to Aloy by Rost, it is the default main weapon when Rost teaches Aloy to hunt machines. Can't be obtained later in the game.


Hunter Bow Notes & Tips




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