Lodge Ropecaster

Rarity Very Rare
Location Meridian
Ammo Tie Rope Heavy
Mod Slots 3
Ammo Pouch Ropecaster Ammo Pouch

Lodge Ropecaster is a Ropecaster in Horizon Zero Dawn. Ropecaster has 70 handling and can only use the Tie Rope Heavy ammo.  


Lodge Ropecaster Description

  • The Ropecaster is used to tied down machines and immobilize them.
  • Larger targets require more ropes to tie down.
  • Attacking a tied machine will reduce the immobilization time.
  • Has 3 modification slot.
  • The Ropecaster is a useful tool to override machines. Once pinned down, the machine can't prevent being overriden.
  • Due to its higher handling compared to the Shadow Ropecaster, the Lodge Ropecaster is the best Ropecaster in the game.


Lodge Ropecaster Ammo

  • Tie Rope Light : It deals no damage and has an anchor strength of 100. 
    • It deals 150 tear-icon Will not remove any machine components.

 Machines Tolerance

Each machine type has a different resistance towards the Ropecaster's ability to immobilize it. 




Where to Find  Lodge Ropecaster

    • The Lodge Ropecaster can be obtained once Aloy completes the 5  Hunting Grounds, earning at least a full Sun Mark on all 15 Hunting Ground trials. After doing this, Aidaba  in Meridian will reward Aloy with the Lodge Ropecaster.
    • It can be sold to merchants for:


Lodge Ropecaster Notes & Tips

  • The Ropecasters are the only type of weapon in the game where each tier has an exclusive ammo type.
  • Deathbringers are the only machine immune to the effects of the Ropecasters.
  • Without any kind of Ropecaster if would be impossible to override a Stormbird



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