Size Medium
HP 1450 (Normal)
2175 (Corrupted)
2538 (Daemonic)
Weakness fire-iconFire
Resistance freeze-iconFreeze
Override Cauldron RHO

Snapmaw is a hostile Enemy machine in Horizon Zero Dawn that the players can confront to obtain Experience and Loot.  It can also be found in normal, corrupted and daemonic variations.

Snapmaw Description

  • Even if Snapmaws are classified as medium-sized machines, they are quite large compared to humans. Their overall look resembles that of a giant crocodile.


Snapmaw Combat Information

  • Behavior Info: Undisturbed Snapmaws are most of the time basking in the sun over banks of water like lakes and rivers.
    • Once engaged, Snapmaws are faster than what they actually seem and their amphibious nature, makes them dangerous on foot and while swimming.
  • Weakness: fire-iconFire
  • Resistance: freeze-iconFreeze

Snapmaw Attacks

  • Freeze Burst: Ranged attack that belches Freeze projectiles at the enemy like mortar fire. Deals 50 Freeze damage, and then 30 freeze damage per second.
  • Lunge Bite: Lunges at the enemy from long range with its snapping jaws, dealing 180 damage.
  • Jumping Jaw Bite: The Snapjaw jumps at the enemy with snapping jaws, dealing 180 damage.
  • Snap Bite: A short range lunge with its snapping jaws. Deals 180 damage.
  • Tail Strike: A long range bludgeon attack with its tail. Deals 180 damage.
  • Spinning Tail Strike: A short range spinning bludgeon attack with its tail. Deals 180 damage.



Snapmaw Location

  • Snapmaw sites are scattered throughout the Carja Sundom, from the jungles of The Jewel in the south to the snowy regions in the far north.
  • The daemonic variation of the Snapmaws are located in the Banuk Region known as The Cut, which is exclusive to the DLC The Frozen Wilds, and is not available in the base version of Horizon Zero Dawn.


Snapmaw Loot:


Snapmaw Components



Hard outer casing to protect synthetic muscle and operational systems. fire-iconFire freeze-iconFreeze

Blaze Canister

Blaze storage canister. Shoot it with Fire to trigger an explosion. Shoot off this component to collect the resource inside. fire-iconFire

Freeze Sac

Destroying this component disables the ranged Freeze attack, and triggers a large explosion. All None



Snapmaw Notes & Tips

  • When successfully tied with Ropecaster wires whilst on water, Snapmaws will execute a "death roll," a maneuver by real life crocodiles in which they roll their body sideways, usually to help them bite off parts of prey to be eaten. This will instantly break the binding.


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