Size Large
HP 7500 (Normal)
9375 (Daemonic)
Weakness freeze-iconFreeze
Resistance fire-iconFire
Override Cauldron EPSILON

Fireclaw is a hostile Enemy machine in Horizon Zero Dawn (Exclusive to the DLC The Frozen Wilds), that the players can confront to obtain Experience and Loot. Can be found in normal and Daemonic variations. Like Fire Bellowbacks and Freeze Bellowbacks, Fireclaws have a "twin" machine called the Frostclaw

Fireclaw Description

  • Like the Frostclaw, the Fireclaw looks like a grizzly bear. 


Fireclaw Combat Information

  • Behavior Info: Fireclaws were designed to be hunter-killer machines. They are extremely hostile and have a vast range of weapons to dispose of their targets, most of them fire based. 
  • Weakness: freeze-iconFreeze
  • Resistance: fire-iconFire

Fireclaw Attacks


  • Bipedal Attacks

  •  The Bipedal stance severely limits the Fireclaw's mobility but adds enough ranged attacks to compensate for this drawback. The Fireclaw tends to adopt this upright two-legged posture at close to mid-range, aggressively chaining together multiple claw slashes in a row and weaponizing the Fire Unit mounted on its torso to spew out streams of burning flames.
    • Fire Storm: Flamethrower blast from chest unit that tracks the enemy. Deals 150 fire-iconFire damage per second.
    • Flame Blast: Explosive radial blast of flame from chassis. Deals 180 fire-iconFire damage.
    • Grinder Scrape: Molten chunks of dirt and rock scraped off the ground at the enemy. Deals 110 fire-iconFire damage each.
    • Claw Slash: Up to 6 consecutive Fire-augmented claw slashes. Deals 175 fire-iconFire damage per hit.
    • Inferno Dive: Lunging dive with explosion of vertical flames on landing. Deals 175 fire-iconFire damage each.
    • Rock Shield - Charge: Large shield of rock blocks enemy attacks. Deals 135 damage each.
    • Rock Shield - Throw: Rock shield thrown at enemy. Deals 180 damage.
    • Rock Shield - Smash:  Rock shield used as a bludgeon. Deals 200 damage.
  • Quadrupedal Attacks

  • The Quadrupedal stance is the default posture when roaming around undisturbed, with enhanced agility and traversal options to spring up lower cliffs and leap over gaps to chase Aloy across the environment. During combat, it will typically adopt this four-legged posture when far away, and make use of the improved mobility to close the distance.
    • Lava Burst: The Enemy is engulfed by lava geysers. Deals 135 fire-iconFire damage.
    • Volcanic Meteor Shower: The enemy is hit by a shower of burning rocks. It deals 135 fire-iconFire damage. Each rock also deals 65 fire-iconFire damage.
    • Backslash: A defensive Fire-augmented back-handed claw slash. Deals 200 fire-iconFire damage.
    • Fury Slash: Up to 3 consecutive Fire-augmented claw slashes. Deals 225 fire-iconFire damage.
    • Lunge Dive:  Lunging pounce with Fire-augmented claw slash. Deals 250 fire-iconFire damage.
    • Back Crush: Crushing back-first dive on the enemy. Deals 50 damage per rock.
  • Both Stances

    • Inferno Slam: Large, radial explosion of flames on hammering ground. Deals 175 fire-iconFire damage.
    • Fire Storm: Desperation defensive attack (employed upon sustaining 70% damage); fiery aura around chassis damages enemy on contact; negates severity buildup or current status effects applied. It deals 50 fire-iconFire damage per second.



Fireclaw Location


Fireclaw Loot:


Fireclaw Components



Hard outer casing to protect synthetic muscle and operational systems. freeze-iconFreeze fire-iconFire

Fire Sac

Destruction triggers a Fire explosion, inflicts a temporary Burn state and disables all Fire-augmented claw attacks. All None

Fire Unit

Destruction triggers a Fire explosion, inflicts a permanent Burn state (once Fire Sacs have been destroyed) and disables all Fire-based attacks other than claws. All None

Power Cell

Sparker resource can be looted from this component. Shooting this component with shock-iconShock arrows triggers an explosion, electrifying anything in the area. shock-iconShock



Fireclaw Notes & Tips

  • Notes & Tips go here


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