Freeze Bellowback

Size Medium

1600 (Normal)
2400 (Corrupted)
2800 (Daemonic)

Weakness fire-iconFire
Resistance freeze-iconFreeze
Override Cauldron XI

Freeze Bellowback is a hostile Enemy machine in Horizon Zero Dawn that the players can confront to obtain Experience and Loot.  It can also be found in normal, corrupted and daemonic variations.

Freeze Bellowback Description

  • The Freeze Bellowback it is a dinosaur-like medium-sized machine with two strong back legs, and carries a sac of Chillwater.
  • It is one of a pair of “twin” machines; the other machine being the Fire Bellowback.

Freeze Bellowback Combat Information

  • Behavior Info: Freeze Bellowbacks are mostly found in small groups of two or three. Most of the time, also accompanied by its counterpart the Fire Bellowback.
  • Most of the time Freeze Bellowbacks are about doing their own thing. When they see a perceived threat, such as a human, they emit loud shrieks alerting other machines in the area.
  • Weakness: fire-iconFire
  • Resistance: freeze-iconFreeze

Freeze Bellowback Attacks

  • Elemental Circular Attack: Crescent-shaped wall of Chillwater  around enemy. Deals 150 freeze-iconFreeze damage per second.
  • Elemental Projectile: Lobs Chillwater  projectiles at enemy from long range. Deals 60 freeze-iconFreeze damage.
  • Elemental Spray: Sprays Chillwater directly at enemy. Deals 125 freeze-iconFreeze damage per second.
  • Leaping Smash: Jumps and smashes head down at enemy. Deals 145 damage.
  • Shoulder Barge: Charges at the enemy in ramming attack. Deals 180 damage
  • Tail Swipe: Uses tail as a bludgeon. Deals 250 damage.



Freeze Bellowback Location


Freeze Bellowback Loot:


Freeze Bellowback Components



Hard outer casing to protect synthetic muscle and operational systems fire-iconFire freeze-iconFreeze

Freeze Canister

 Freeze storage container. Shoot with freeze-iconFreeze to trigger an explosion. Shoot off this component to collect the Chillwater inside. freeze-iconFreeze

Cargo Sac

 Destroying this component disables the ranged elemental attacks and triggers an elemental explosion.  All  None


 Destroying this component will disable the freeze-iconFreeze Attacks and trigger a large explosion.  All  None



Charger Notes & Tips

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