Size Medium

2000 (Normal)
2800 (Daemonic)

Weakness freeze-iconFreeze
Resistance fire-iconFire
Override Cauldron EPSILON

Scorcher is a hostile Enemy machine in Horizon Zero Dawn (Exclusive to the DLC The Frozen Wilds), that the players can confront to obtain Experience and Loot. The Scorcher can be found in normal and Daemonic variations

Scorcher Description

  • The Scorcher chassis resembles that of a Ravager. The Scorcher has a distinctive vulpine look, with a resemblance of a Coyote.


Scorcher Combat Information

  • Behavior InfoScorchers are found alone or in packs of up to three, either guarding a herd of terraforming machines or in the herd’s immediate vicinity, near enough to hear and immediately respond to their alarm cries on detecting a threat.
  • Weakness: freeze-iconFreeze
  • Resistance: fire-iconFire

Scorcher Attacks

  • Cinder Claws: Up to 4 consecutive fire-iconFire-augmented claw slashes. Each claw slash deals 140 fire-iconFire damage.
  • Scorching Fang: fire-iconFire-augmented bite. Deals 140 fire-iconFire damage. 
  • Quick Scorching Fang:  Faster Scorching Fang variant. Deals 140 fire-iconFire damage.
  • Furnace Blast:  Defensive radial flame blast. Deals 300 fire-iconFire damage.
  • Heat Wave:  Wall of flames towards the enemy. Deals 220 fire-iconFire damage.
  • Mine Launcher - Area Fire:  Cluster of 10-15 mines around enemy Deals 250 damage.
  • Mine Launcher - Formation Fire: Fan-shaped formation of 3 rows of mines, 4 mines per row. Deals 250 damage.
  • Ignition Boost: Single high-speed charge and fire-iconfire-augmented claw slash. Deals 250 fire-iconFire damage, and inflicts 50 fire-iconFire damage per second.



Scorcher Location


Scorcher Loot:


Scorcher Components



Hard outer casing to protect synthetic muscle and operational systems. None None

Mine Launcher

This heavy weapon can be picked up and used after it has been detached from the machine. Tear None

Blaze Canister

Shooting this canister with Fire will trigger an elemental explosion. Shoot off this component to collect Blaze. fire-iconFire

Power Generator

Destroying this component will deal greater damage to the machine. tear-iconTear None



Scorcher Notes & Tips

  • Notes & Tips go here


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