Shell Walker

Size Medium

800 (Normal)
1200 (Corrupted)
1400 (Daemonic)

Weakness None
Resistance shock-iconShock
Override Cauldron RHO

Shell Walker is a hostile Enemy machine in Horizon Zero Dawn that the players can confront to obtain Experience and Loot.  It can also be found in normal, corrupted and daemonic variations.

Shell Walker Description

  • Shell Walker chassis is crab-like in appearance. It has six legs and a hexagonal cargo container. At the end of its right limb, Shell Walkers carry a Lightning Gun and on the end of the left hand, they carry an energy field generator


Shell Walker Combat Information

  • Behavior InfoShell-Walkers may be found in groups of a few units at various sites. They mill about, communicating via electronic warbles.
  • They also walk in machine convoys accompanied by Watchers or Longlegs, carrying their cargo to cauldrons.
  • A Shell-Walker’s highest priority is the defense of its cargo, and will undoubtedly defend its cargo even if it means to be destroyed.
  • Weakness: None.
    • One of the best ways to approach a Shell Walker is to first attempt to destroy its Power Generator, rendering the Shield unusable. Blast bombs or Precision Arrows are excellent options to do this.
  • Resistance: shock-iconShock.

Shell Walker Attacks

  • Claw Combo: Lunges at the target hitting 3 times using both its gun and shield. Does 200 damage.
  • Multi-Claw Strike: Lunges at the target and repeatedly strikes with its gun. Does 200 damage.
  • Shield Claw Strike: Bashes target with its shield, knocking them over. Does 200 damage.
  • 360 Shock: Charges up, then releases a radial shock blast around it. Does 300 shock-iconShock damage.
  • Charging Shock Blast:  Charges up the gun, then fires a shock blast that leaves behind lingering shock. Does 80 shock-iconShock damage.
  • Homing Shock Blast: Charges up the gun, then fires a shock blast that slowly homes towards target. Does 140 shock-iconShock damage.
  • Shock Volley: Charges up the gun, then burst-fires three small shock blasts. Does 80 shock-iconShock damage.



Shell Walker Location


Shell Walker Loot:


Shell Walker Components



Hard outer casing to protect synthetic muscle and operational systems. None shock-iconShock

Crate Holders

Destroying this component will detach the cargo container All None

Lightning Gun

Destroying this component disables the ranged shock-iconShock attacks. tear-iconTear None

Power Generator

Destroying this component disables the ranged shock-iconShock attacks and the Energy Shield. All None

Shield Claw

Destroying this component disables the energy shield. tear-iconTear None



Shell Walker Notes & Tips

  • If the crate is destroyed, nothing can be recovered from it. Meleeing the Shell Walker with the crate on top will almost certainly yield no additional rewards.


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