Size Small
HP 275
Weakness None
Resistance None
Override Cauldron SIGMA

Lancehorn is a hostile Enemy in Horizon Zero Dawn that the players can confront to obtain Experience and Loot.  It can only be found in the normal or base variation. It isn't available in corrupted or daemonic form.

Lancehorn Description

  • The Lancehorn bears a resemblance to a very large antelope or gazelle, possessing a pair of parallel horns, four slender legs, and a long neck. The horns are corkscrewed in appearance and rotate longitudinally like drill bits, to channel soil up into the machine for processing and mining of minerals. There is a single optical sensor at the end of the snout. Twin Chillwater canisters are positioned atop the lower back; this likely helps cool the drill bits on the machine's head. Twin containers are positioned above these, likely to store processed materials.


Lancehorn Combat Information

  • Behavior InfoLancehorns are invariably found in herds. With heads down they work, busily cutting grass, stopping only to quietly change to another spot. For protection against hunters, they are usually accompanied by recon machines such as Watchers or Longlegs, frequently in tandem with combat machines such as Sawtooths or RavagersLancehorns are skittish; if a perceived threat is identified, the herd will undoubtedly flee. However, if the threat is very close, the closest Lancehorns will attack rather than flee. 
  • Weakness: None
  • Resistance: None

Lancehorn Attacks

  • Charge: Lowers  its head,  then charges at the target. Deals 150 damage.
  • Front Leg Kick: Kicks at the target with both front legs, knocking them over. Deals 120 damage.
  • Gore And Flip: Bounds at the target with the horn first, embedding them in the ground for a short time. Deals 200 damage.
  • Hind Leg Kick: Kicks backwards, knocking the  target over. Deals 120 damage.
  • Leaping Front Kick:  Leaps at the target, kicking it with both front legs. Deals 90 damage.
  • Leaping Horn Stab:  Bounces at the target, stabbing it with its horns. Deals 200 damage.
  • Upward Stab: Lowers and raises its head, impaling with its powerful horns. Deals 130 damage.



Lancehorn Location

  • Herds of Lancehorns are commonly found throughout the various tribes’ territories.


Lancehorn Loot:

Lancehorn Components



Hard outer casing to protect synthetic muscle and operational systems. None None

Drill Horns

Destroy these components to disable the Drill Horn attacks. tear-iconTear None

Freeze Canister

Shooting this canister with freeze-iconFreeze  will result in an explosion.
Shoot off this component to collect the Chillwater inside.



Lancehorn Notes & Tips

  • Notes & Tips go here


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