Size Medium
HP 1900
Weakness fire-iconFire
Resistance corruption-iconCorruption
Override Impossible

Corruptor is a hostile Enemy machine in Horizon Zero Dawn that the players can confront to obtain Experience and Loot. Corruptors act as a sort of mini-boss for the game.

Corruptor Description

  • The Corruptor model (Also known as FAS-ACA3 Scarab), is one of three ancient classes of machines built exclusively as a combat type.
  • Corruptors have an arachnid-like appearance, with four legs attached to a central hub. Equipped with a grenade launcher and a spike launcher. Corruptors also possess a Scorpion like tail at the back that it can use to attack.
  • Corruptors are agile and nimble. They move extremely fast and can jump great heights around the battlefield.
  • Corruptors can "enslave" other machines to their will. Turning them into their corrupted version which augments their HP and their damage output. A corrupted machine is easily differentiated from a normal machine, thanks to the red glow they emit and a dark smoke effect.
  • As is the case with all ancient machines, Corruptors can't be overridden.


Corruptor Combat Information

  • Behavior Info: Being an ancient war machine, a Corruptor has no behavior other than hostility to enemy forces. 
  • Weakness: fire-iconFire.
    • Being an ancient machine, Corruptors are prone to overheating. This process causes a Corruptor to expose its Heat Core. Hitting the heat core causes massive damage to the Corruptor.
  • Resistance: corruption-iconCorruption.

Corruptor Attacks

  • Inferno Blast: Spread of 6 grenades fired at the enemy. Deals 60 fire-iconFire damage, and then 25 per second.
  • Rock Shrapnel: Bats rubble off ground at enemy with tail. Deals 120 damage.
  • Talon Swipe 180: The Corruptor uses its tail as a bludgeon in a 180º degree angle. Deals 120 damage.
  • Talon Swipe 360: The Corruptor uses its tail as a bludgeon spinning full circle. Deals 120 damage.
  • Talon Strike: Forward strike at enemy with tail. Deals 110 damage.
  • Corruption Spike: Shoots a spike of corruption-iconCorruption at the enemy. Deals 80 damage.
  • Boulder Throw: The Corruptor uses its tail to grab and throw a rock at the enemy, dealing 150 damage.



Corruptor Location

  • Corruptors, as all ancient machines, are  an important part of the main story of Horizon Zero Dawn. They appear in Main and Side Quests but can't be found in the wild as is the case with other normal machines.


Corruptor Loot:


Corruptor Components



Hard outer casing to protect synthetic muscle and operational systems. fire-iconFire Corruption

Grenade Launcher

Destroying this component disables the Grenade Launcher attack. tear-iconTear None

Spike Launcher

Destroying these component disables the ranged spike launcher attack. tear-iconTear None

Heat Core

This component is exposed when the machine overheats. Hitting it when exposed causes massive damage. All None



Corruptor Notes & Tips

  • According to "The Bad News" cutscene, there were at least 485 million Corruptors produced by the Faro Plague.
  • Like all Faro machines, the Corruptor's original designation "Scarab" is a reference to Ancient Egypt. The Egyptians revered the scarab (also known as dung beetles) and associated them with Khepera, a scarab-like god who pushed and rolled the sun across the sky like a scarab rolled balls of dung.


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