Size Medium
HP 1300 (normal)
1950 (corrupted)
Weakness fire_def-iconFire
Resistance shock_def-iconShock
Override Cauldron Rho

Ravager is a hostile Enemy in Horizon Zero Dawn that the players can confront to obtain Experience and Loot.  It can also be found in normal and corrupted variations. The Ravager doesn't have a Daemonic version.

Ravager Description

  • Ravager it is a medium-sized combat machine, that resembles a wolf. It is feared for its ferocity and its sharp claws. The Ravager carries a powerful energy cannon over its back.


Ravager Combat Information

  • Behavior Info: The Ravager is an extremely hostile machine that moves fast and prefers to shoot at a distance with its Ravager cannon. Ravagers will attack human on sight, not hesitating to open fire once a threat is detected.
  • Weakness: fire_def-iconFire
  • Resistanceshock_def-iconShock

Ravager Attacks

  • Berserker Fury: The Ravager jumps rapidly towards the enemy, swiping its sharp claws multiple times. Deals 300 damage.
  • Claw Swipe: The Ravager jumps towards the target, slashing the enemy once. It deals 170 damage.
  • Jumping Jaw Smash: The Ravager swipes its jaws towards the enemy. Deals 200 damage.
  • Mandible Stab: The Ravager tries to bite its victim with a single bite. Deals 160 damage. 
  • Shock Jaw Smash: The Ravager tries to bite its victim with an electrically charged bite. Deals 180 damage.
  • Cannon Burst: Rapid-fire shots from the Ravager cannon the Ravager carries on its back. It deals 40 damage per hit and has a range from 15 meters to up to 65 meters.
  • Shock Cocoon: The Ravager charges energy an unleashes an electrical elemental area of effect attack that deals 165 shock_def-iconshock damage. This attack hits up to a radius of  5.25 meters. 



Ravager Location

  • Ravagers are most commonly found in arid areas north of the capital of the Carja capital Meridian. Ravagers  can also be seen as protection for less threatening machines, such as Striders, Broadheads or Grazers.


Ravager Loot:


Charger Components



Hard outer casing to protect synthetic muscle and operational systems. fire_def-iconFire shock_def-iconShock

ravager_freeze_canister_component_horizon_zero_dawn_wiki_guide_75pxFreeze Canister

Shooting this canister with Freeze will trigger an elemental explosion. Chillwater can be looted from this canister.  freeze-iconFreeze

ravager_power_cell_component_horizon_zero_dawn_wiki_guide_75pxPower Cell

Shooting this component with Shock will trigger an elemental explosion. Sparker can be looted from this component. shock_def-icon Shock

ravager_ravager_cannon_component_horizon_zero_dawn_wiki_guide_75pxRavager Cannon

Destroying these components disables Ravager Cannon attacks. This weapon can be picked up and used after detached from the machine. Using Tearblast Arrows to shoot the Ravager Cannon off and then using it against the Ravager is generally the easiest and quickest way to kill one. tear-icon Tear  None



Ravager Notes & Tips

  • When a Ravager is significantly damaged, it will start to limp.


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