Size Small

220 (Normal)
330 (Corrupted)
385 (Daemonic)


Weakness None
Resistance None
Override Cauldron SIGMA

Scrapper is a hostile Enemy in Horizon Zero Dawn that the players can confront to obtain Experience and Loot.  It can also be found in normal, corrupted and daemonic variations.

Scrapper Description

  • Scrappers are small hyena-like humped machines that gather and scavenge resources.
  • Even though Scrappers aren't primarily built for combat, they carry an energy weapon on its back and can also attack with their claws and mouth.


Scrapper Combat Information

  • Behavior Info:Occasionally a Scrapper will stop and use its radar scanner. If it detects a moving object that is at least the size of a human, the Scrapper immediately runs to the vicinity of the signature and investigates. 
  • If Aloy is hiding from a Scrapper, but within the area of a radar scan, she will be detected.
  • Weakness: None. Even though Scrappers have no elemental weaknesses, being a small machine makes them vulnerable to be insta-killed by Aloy if she stealthily uses her silent strike ability. 
  • Removing or destroying the Radar disables its area scanning ability, and striking the Power Cell with Shock Arrows triggers a large area-of-effect explosion that electrically stuns anything within range and disables all ranged energy attacks
  • Resistance: None

Scrapper Attacks

  • Laser Burst: Series of pulse blasts fired at enemy, dealing 40 damage each.
  • Laser Lead Up: Using the energy weapon on their back, Scrappers can fire a beam aimed at ground, then along ground longitudinally toward the enemy. Deals 105 damage and then 12 damage per second
  • Laser Sweep: Using the energy weapon on their back, Scrappers can fire a beam aimed at ground, then along ground transversely toward enemy. Deals 90 damage, and then 50 damage per second.
  • Claw Swipe: A melee attack that deals 85 damage.
  • Grinder Jaw Swipe: Scrapper attacks with its mouth assembly grinders, dealing 85 damage.



Scrapper Location

  • Scrappers are invariably found in packs of at least two, roaming areas in search of machine chassis to recycle.
  • The daemonic variation of the Scrapper are located in the Banuk Region known as The Cut, which is exclusive to the DLC The Frozen Wilds, and is not available in the base version of Horizon Zero Dawn.


Scrapper Loot:


Scrapper Components

Hard outer casing to protect synthetic muscle and operational systems. None None
Power Cell
 Shooting these components with Shock Arrows will trigger an explosion. Shoot off this component to collect the Sparker inside. shock_def-iconShock
 Destroying this component disables the scanning ability. tear-iconTear None



Scrapper Notes & Tips

  • Scrappers are attracted to destroyed machines, as scavenging and gathering valuable resources is their primary function. If allowed to do so, Aloy, won't be able to get anything from a destroyed machine chassis.


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