Size Large
HP Varies
1000 (Maker's End)
4000 (The Grave-Hoard)
3000 (The Heart of the Nora)
4000/12000 (The Face of Extinction)
Weakness fire-iconFire
Resistance corruption-iconCorruption
Override Impossible

Deathbringer is a hostile Enemy machine in Horizon Zero Dawn that the players can confront to obtain Experience and Loot. 

Deathbringer Description

  • Deathbringers (Also known as FAS-FSP5 Khopesh), are ancient machines, as all the Chariot Classed Machines.
  • A Deathbringer is a large and very powerful mobile weapons platform, comparable in size to the largest contemporary combat machines.
  • Unlike Zero Dawn machines or even the other machines in the Chariot Line, Deathbringers have no resemblance to any fauna.
  • A Deathbringer’s means of ambulation consists of six stout legs, each with a vertical piston at the end. Each leg is equipped with a stabilizer. The legs are connected radially to a circular swivel that allows the head, which is laterally wider than the span of the legs, to turn 360 degrees.
  • The head carries several formidable weapons: a flamethrower, a grenade launcher, a gun turret, a heavy cannon turret, a swarm missile launcher and a repeater cannon turret. The head also houses heat vents, cooling rods, and the machine’s core.
  • Tough armor plating covers the entire chassis. Two optical sensors are located centrally at the front of the head, in a vertical location, on each side of the CPU’s housing.


Deathbringer Combat Information

  • Behavior Info: Being an ancient war machine, a Deathbringer has no behavior other than hostility to enemy forces as defined by its master
  • Weakness: fire-iconFire and shock-iconShock.
    • The Deathbringer is the only machine in the game that is weak to 2 different elemental attacks.
  • Resistance: corruption-iconCorruption

Deathbringer Attacks

  • Heavy Cannon Shot: Targets the enemy with laser guidance, then fires heavy round at enemy. Deals 200 damage.
  • Repeater Cannon Burst: Repeater cannon shot at the enemy; during this attack stabilizers are exposed. Does 40 damage per hit.
  • Rocket Barrage: Barrage of missiles fired at enemy; during this attack the stabilizers are exposed. Does 50 damage per missile.
  • Rocket Salvo: Single salvo of missiles fired at enemy. Deals 50 damage per missile.
  • Swarm Missile Burst: Explosive volley of 3 projectiles fired at the enemy. Deals 100 damage.
  • Flamethrower Burst:  Flamethrower blast over wide area. Deals 60 Fire damage per second.
  • Grenade Launcher Shot: Grenades fired at enemy. Deal 60 Fire damage.
  • Foot Stomp:  Stamps at the enemy at close range. Deals 200 damage.
  • Gun Turret Burst: Shoots at the enemy with gun turret. Deals 45 damage per hit.



Deathbringer Location

  • Deathbringers are exclusively found in Main Quests.


Deathbringer Loot:


Deathbringer Components



Hard outer casing to protect synthetic muscle and operational systems. fire-iconFire

Repeater Cannon Turret

Destroying this component disables the Repeater Cannon attacks. All None

Cooling Rods

This component is exposed when the machine overheats. Destroying this component causes high damage and the machine to overheat faster. All None


This component is exposed when the machine overheats. Hitting it when exposed causes massive damage. All None


Destroying this component disables the Flame Thrower attack. All None

Grenade Launcher

Destroying this component disables the Grenade Launcher attack. All None

Heat Vents

This component is exposed when the machine overheats. Destroying this component causes high damage and the machine to overheat faster. All None

Gun Turret

Hitting this component deals greater damage to the machine. This heavy machine gun can be picked up and used after it has been detached. tear-iconTear None

Swarm Turret

Destroying these components disables the Swarm Cannon attack. tear-iconTear None


Hitting this component deals greater damage to the machine and cause the machine to fall on its side. All None

Heavy Cannon Turret

Destroying this component disables the Cannon Turret attack. All None



Deathbringer Notes & Tips

  • Notes & Tips go here


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