Size Large
HP Unknown
Weakness None
Resistance None

Tallneck is a machine in Horizon Zero Dawn that the players can override to reveal a portion of the map. Doing so grants Aloy experience points.  

Tallneck Description

  • The Tallneck resembles a giraffe in both silhouette and gait. They have no visible optical sensors, and their heads are broad discs, with a data node on the top center that can be used as an access point for overriding. Their chassis is covered by heavy armor plating.
    • Overriding a Tallneck will reveal that portion of the map, along with settlements, campfires, and machine sites.
      Tallnecks have unmatched durability: they are impervious to any damage from Aloy.


Tallneck Combat Information

  • Behavior Info: Tallnecks are the only known machine not hostile to humans and are solitary. They function as a communication center for other machines. 
  • Weakness: None
  • Resistance: None

Tallneck Attacks

  • Tallnecks don't execute any attack during the game, simply wandering around their designated path.



Tallneck Location


Tallneck Loot:

  • Tallneck can't be destroyed by any means in the game.


Tallneck Components



Hard outer casing to protect synthetic muscle and operational systems. None All

Climb Hold

Information antennas. Could be used as climbing holds when scaling. None None


Information storage hub. Override to access local area information. All None



Tallneck Notes & Tips

  • Tallnecks were originally designed to be killable. However, Guerrilla Games decided against this, feeling that it would be against Aloy's character to kill a peaceful machine


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