Size Medium
HP 750 (Normal)
1125 (Corrupted)
1313 (Daemonic)
Weakness shock-iconShock
Resistance None
Override Cauldron RHO

Longleg is a hostile Enemy in Horizon Zero Dawn that the players can confront to obtain Experience and Loot. It can also be found in normal, corrupted and daemonic variations.

Longleg Description

  • Longleg's look like a Phorusrhacids. An extinct type of carnivorous flightless birds.
  • Longleg's head terminates in a vertical pair of sharp, beak-like structures, and is mounted on a long, flexible neck.
  • Six optical sensors are located on each side of the head in the same position as a ratite’s eyes.
  • Three antennae extend from the back of the head, from which the Longleg can emit a signal calling for reinforcements.
  • Mounted on the chest are a pair of bulbous components called Concussion Sacs. These are part of its scanning array, as well as powering one of its attacks.
  • Each of its two short, flightless wings are equipped with three engines that emit jet-like blasts of flame, which the Longleg uses in attacks.
  • One of its two feet is equipped with a single claw.
  • A power cell composed of a pair of components called Sparkers is mounted on its lower back.


Longleg Combat Information

  • Behavior Info: Longlegs are fast and agile. They use fire based attacks using the engines on their wings, melee attacks using their beaks and claws and finally a disorienting sonic attack.
  • Weakness: shock-iconShock
  • Resistance: None

Longleg Attacks

  • Jet Blast: Longleg's wings turn upside down, and unleash a fire-iconFire wave, dealing 190 fire-iconFire damage.
  • Beak Thrust: Lunges and attempts to 'peck', deals 160 damage.
  • Chicken Scratch: Jumps and scratches with its legs, does 130 damage.
  • Dashing Claw Jump:  Lunges and scratches with its legs, doing 100 damage.
  • Jumping Wing Blast: Jumps up and slams down doing 180 area of effect damage
  • Stun Blast:  Shrieks at the target, incapacitating it for a short time. Deals no damage.



Longleg Location

  • Longlegs are found near Meridian and in arid zones. Usually in groups of up to three, protecting less threatening machines.
  • The daemonic variation of the Longleg are located in the Banuk Region known as The Cut, which is exclusive to the DLC The Frozen Wilds, and is not available in the base version of Horizon Zero Dawn.


Longleg Loot:


Longleg Components



Hard outer casing to protect synthetic muscle and operational systems. tear-iconShock None

Concussion Sac

Destroying this component disables ranged sonic attacks and triggers a compressed air explosion inflicting tear-iconTear damage. Blowing a Concussion Sac will send a human flying several meters away. All None

Alarm Signal

Destroying this component disables the ability to call reinforcements tear-iconTear None

Power Cell

Shooting with Shock arrows will trigger a shock-iconShock explosion. Sparker resource can be looted from this component. shock-iconShock


Destroying this component disables the charge attack. All None



Longleg Notes & Tips

  • Notes & Tips go here


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