Size Large

5000 (Normal)
7500 (Corrupted)

Weakness None
Resistance shock-iconShock
Override Cauldron ZETA

Stormbird is a hostile Enemy machine in Horizon Zero Dawn that the players can confront to obtain Experience and Loot.  It can also be found in normal and corrupted versions. The Stormbird doesn't have a daemonic version.

Stormbird Description

  • Stormbirds are large aerial combat machines with high HP and devastating attacks that resembles real life eagles.
  • One of the strongest machines in the game, Aloy fights a boss version of a Stormbird in the quest  The Mountains That Fell.


Stormbird Combat Information

  • Behavior Info: Stormbirds are solitary and can be seen circling high in the skies. Only descending if a threat is detected.
  • WeaknessStormbirds have no elemental weaknesses. 
    • Removal of all six jet engines on a Stormbird’s wings disables their air-to-ground and carpet bombing attacks.
    • Destroying the lightning gun disables a Stormbird’s electrical energy attacks and enhancements, dealing shock-iconShock damage to the machine.
    • Strikes on its Blaze and Chillwater canisters with the corresponding elemental ammunition cause corresponding elemental explosions and respectively induce Burn and Freeze states
  • Resistance: shock-iconShock

Stormbird  Ground Attacks

  • Jumping Claw Smash:  Jumps at enemy and slashes with talons. Deals 180 damage.
  • Beak Smash: Pecks at enemy repeatedly. Deals 180 damage and after the first hit, each subsequent hit deals 50 damage.
  • Take Off: Melee Ground-to-air transition; accompanying wind gust causes damage. Deals 150 damage.
  • Tail Lash: Melee Electrically charged swipe with tail. Does 300 shock-iconshock damage.
  • Thunder Rush Shock: Charges at enemy, surrounded by damaging electrical field. The most devastating ground attack of the Stormbird, does 360 shock-iconshock damage.
  • Screech Blast: Screech generates sonic blast that temporarily incapacitates enemy; ineffective against enemy machines. Doesn't deal damage, only stuns Aloy for brief time.
  • Hurricane Blast: Flap of wings generates damaging wind gust. Deals 150 damage.

Stormbird Aerial Attacks

  • Thunder Clash: The Thunderbird soars then plummets with high speed at enemy; radiates an electric charge when it hits. The most powerful attack of the Stormbird. If the Lightning gun is still active it deals 450 shock-iconShock damage, if not only 250.
  • Quick Land: Crushes enemy directly beneath it with sudden vertical landing. Does 220 shock-iconShock damage.
  • Shock Blast: Charges lightning gun then fires Shock blast at enemy's anticipated position. Deals 250 shock-iconShock damage.
  • Shock Burst: Charges lightning gun then fires 3 small Shock blasts at enemy's anticipated position; blasts leave residual Shock effect on  the ground. Deals 175 shock-iconShock damage.
  • Thunder Bomb Run: Carpet bombs enemy with Shock blasts. Deals 250 shock-iconShock damage.


Stormbird Location

  • Stormbird sites are scattered throughout the Carja Sundom, from The Jewel to the mountains far north of Meridian. They are mainly found in the arid regions north and northeast of Meridian.


Stormbird Loot:


Stormbird Components



Hard outer casing to protect synthetic muscle and operational systems None shock-iconShock

Blaze Canister

 Blaze storage canister. Shooting elemental canisters with elemental ammo triggers an explosion that will damage everything nearby. Shoot off this component to collect the resource inside.  fire-iconFire


 Destroying this component disables the dive melee attack. tear-iconTear None

Freeze Canister

 Chillwater can be looted from this canister. Shooting this canister with a freeze-iconFreeze arrow will trigger an explosion Freezing anything in the area.  freeze-iconFreeze

Lightning Gun

 Destroying this component disables the ranged shock-iconShock attacks. It also stuns the machine for a very brief period of time.  tear-iconTear None



Stormbird Notes & Tips

  • Stormbirds bear a resemblance to thunderbirds, a legendary creature in certain North American indigenous peoples' history and culture. They are considered supernatural beings of great power and strength.
  • A Stormbird's flight altitude is at least three times higher than that of a Glinthawk.


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