Improved Stormslinger

Rarity Very Rare
Location Completing Geared Up: Stormslinger Sidequest
Can be purchased from Merchants
Ammo Storm Bolt
Mod Slots 2
Ammo Pouch Stormslinger Ammo Pouch

Improved Stormslinger is a Close Range Weapon in Horizon Zero Dawn. Improved Stormslinger has 70 handling and can only use Storm Bolt ammo. This is a weapon exclusive to The Frozen Wilds DLC, not available in the base version of Horizon Zero Dawn.


 Improved Stormslinger Description

  • It deals charged bolts that deal escalating damage in sucession.
  • Improved Stormslinger ammo deals explosive damage and thus ignores enemies' armor defenses, dealing the same damage most of the time. The Improved Stormslinger does not deal double damage when machines are frozen or when impacting weak points in machines.
  • The Improved Stormslinger can be overcharged. When overcharging, the wielder will take shock damage, which becomes increasingly harmful with each overcharge level.
    • Without sufficient shock protection, damage from overcharging can easily prove fatal.


 Improved Stormslinger Ammo

  • Storm Bolt
    • Deals 150 damage-icon damage and 15 shock_def-icon elemental severity damage.


Where to Find Improved Stormslinger


Improved StormslingerNotes & Tips

  • Because the Improved Stormslinger deals explosive damage, it is ineffective against enemies with explosive resistance, such as Fireclaws.


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