Rarity Very Rare
Location Given as a reward for the Sidequest Hunter's Blind
Can be purchased from Merchants
Ammo Tearblaster Charge
Mod Slots -
Ammo Pouch Tearblaster Ammo Pouch

Tearblaster is a Close Range Weapon in Horizon Zero Dawn. Tearblaster has 70 handling and can only use Tearblaster Charge as ammo


 Tearblaster Description

  • The Tearblaster is a short-range weapon that fires blasts of compressed air that easily strip armor and components from machines.


 Tearblaster Ammo


Where to Find Tearblaster


Tearblaster Notes & Tips

  • Despite its tear damage values changing between difficulties, the Tearblaster will always remove armor and components in one hit. This can potentially be of greater use on Ultra Hard as Tearblast Arrows have halved tear damage in comparison



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