Fire Arrow

Effect Fire Damage Fire Severity
Weapons Carja Hunter Bow
Shadow Hunter Bow
Type Arrow
Crafting Requirements x2 Ridge-Wood
x5 Metal Shards
x3 Blaze

Fire Arrow is an Arrow in Horizon Zero Dawn. Fire Arrow can be used with the "Carja Hunter Bow" or with the "Shadow Hunter Bow". Arrows can be crafted or purchased from Merchants.


 Fire Arrow Effect

  • Deals low fire damage over time and medium fire severity on impact.
  • Can be used to set machines on fire.
  • Useful against machine with Blaze canisters or fire vulnerability, such as Freeze Bellowbacks and Sawtooths.
  • Unprotected blaze canisters explode shortly after being shot with a fire arrow.


Weapons that can use Fire Arrow


How to acquire Fire Arrow


Fire Arrow Notes & Tips

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