Harvest Arrow

Effect Moderate Impact and Tear.
Weapons Shadow Sharpshot Bow
Type Arrow
Crafting Requirements x10 Ridge-Wood
x8 Metal Shards
x1 Wire

Harvest Arrow is an Arrow in Horizon Zero Dawn. Harvest Arrow can be used with the: "Shadow Sharpshot Bow". Arrows can be crafted or purchased from Merchants.


 Harvest Arrow Effect

  • Does moderate Impact and Tear.
  • Removes machine parts with high precision.
  • Removed parts that provide resources will provide additional resources than they would have from looting the machine directly.


Weapons that can use Harvest Arrow


How to acquire Harvest Arrow


Harvest Arrow Notes & Tips

  • Harvestable machine parts are usually painted bright yellow and/or glow when viewed through Aloy's Focus.
  • Harvest Arrow can be used to obtain Resources from the machine before, after or even without destroying it.
  • Other notes...




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