Corruption Arrow

Effect Corruption
Weapons Shadow War Bow
Lodge War Bow
Type Arrow
Crafting Requirements x10 Ridge-Wood
x5 Metal Shards
x2 Metaburn

Corruption Arrow is an Arrow in Horizon Zero Dawn. Corruption Arrow can be used with the "Shadow Sharpshot Bow" or with the "Lodge War Bow". Arrows can be crafted or purchased from Merchants.


 Corruption Arrow Effect

  • Enemies hit by Corruption Arrows become corrupted, a status effect that causes hostility to any other machine or human.
  • Deals no damage.


Weapons that can use Corruption Arrow


How to acquire Corruption Arrow


Corruption Arrow Notes & Tips

  • Strategic use of Corruption Arrows can cause an entire group of enemies to collapse without any additional action on the part of the player.
  • A single arrow will inflict corruption on smaller foes.
  • Larger machines and leader class humans usually require multiple hits to trigger the status effect.
  • Other notes...




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