Sticky Bomb

Effect Explosive Damage
Weapons Carja Blast Sling
Shadow Blast Sling
Lodge Blast Sling
Type Bomb
Crafting Requirements x2 Metal Vessel
x6 Blaze

Sticky Bomb is a Bomb in Horizon Zero Dawn. Sticky Bomb can be used with the "Carja Blast Sling", the "Shadow Blast Sling", or with the "Lodge Blast Sling".Bombs can be crafted or purchased from Merchants.


Sticky Bomb Effect

  • Deals very high Explosive Damage in a wide area of effect.
  • Detonates after 5 seconds time delay.
  • Can be stuck to objects or even enemies unnoticed.
  • Enemies do not become combat-alerted until one Sticky Bomb detonates at the end of the timer.


Weapons that can use Sticky Bomb


How to acquire Sticky Bomb


Sticky Bomb Notes & Tips

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