Blast Bomb

Effect Explosive Damage
Weapons Blast Sling
Carja Blast Sling
Shadow Blast Sling
Lodge Blast Sling
Type Bomb
Crafting Requirements x2 Metal Vessel
x4 Blaze

Blast Bomb is a Bomb in Horizon Zero Dawn. Blast Bomb can be used with all the "Blast Slings" available in Horizon Zero Dawn. Bombs can be crafted or purchased from Merchants.


Blast Bomb Effect

  • Inflicts high Explosive Damage in a wide area of effect.
  • Detonates on impact with enemies or the environment.
  • Anything caught in the blast will sustain the same amount of damage regardless of its distance from the point of detonation.


Weapons that can use Blast Bomb


How to acquire Blast Bomb


Blast Bomb Notes & Tips

  • Useful to clear groups of human enemies and knocking off multiple components and armor plates off of larger machines at once.
  • Other notes...





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