Freeze Bomb

Effect Freeze Damage
Freeze Severity
Weapons Sling
Carja Sling
Shadow Sling
Type Bomb
Crafting Requirements x4 Metal Shards
x2 Metal Vessel
x3 Chillwater

Freeze Bomb is a Bomb in Horizon Zero Dawn. Freeze Bomb can be used with the "Slings".  Bombs can be crafted or purchased from Merchants.


Freeze Bomb Effect

  • Inflicts high Freeze Severity on impact.
  • Deals medium Freeze Damage.
  • Can leave residual puddles of Chillwater at the blast area,
  • Can freeze multiple enemies at once.
  • Freeze Bomb base damage can be improved through Weapon Modification.


Weapons that can use Freeze Bomb


How to acquire Freeze Bomb



Freeze Bomb Notes & Tips

  • Can be especially effective against larger machines and tightly clustered groups of humans.
  • Aloy is not immune to its area effects
  • Other notes...





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