Balanced Aim

Description Allows Aloy to use ranged weapons while balancing on ropes.
Skill Tree Prowler
Skill Cost 2skill_point_icon
Prerequisite hunter_reflexes_skill_horizon_zero_dawn_wiki_25pxHunter Reflexes
Unlocks None

Balanced Aim is one of the Prowler Skills in Horizon Zero Dawn. Balanced Aim requires 2 Skill Points to be unlocked. Skills in Horizon Zero Dawn are used to upgrade your character capabilities and are divided into four trees.


Balanced Aim Description:

  • Balanced Aim allows the player to use a group of skills while balancing on a taut rope.
  • Once Balanced Aim skill is acquired, Aloy can use ranged weapons, throw rocks, and deploy traps from a rope crossing.
  • If the Strike From Above skill is learned, it can also be used from the top a rope with Balanced Aim.


How to unlock Balanced Aim:

  • Balanced Aim is part of the Prowler Skill Tree
  • Balanced Aim requires 2 Skill Points to be unlocked
  • You must first acquire hunter_reflexes_skill_horizon_zero_dawn_wiki_25pxHunter Reflexes in order to unlock Balanced Aim


Balanced Aim Notes and Tips

  • Notes & Tips



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