Tie Rope Heavy

Effect Ties machines down for 90 seconds
Weapons Shadow Ropecaster
Lodge Ropecaster
Type Tie Rope
Crafting Requirements x10 Metal Shards
x10 Wire

Tie Rope Heavy is a Tie Rope in Horizon Zero Dawn. Tie Rope Heavy can be used with the "Shadow Ropecaster" or the "Lodge Ropecaster". Tie Ropes can be crafted or purchased from Merchants.


Tie Rope Heavy Effect

  • Ties machine enemies down for 90 seconds.
  • Allows players to tie-down machines with the least shots.
  • Can be used to temporarily remove machines from the fight.
  • Allows Aloy to more easily target machine parts.


Weapons that can use Tie Rope Heavy


How to acquire Tie Rope Heavy


Tie Rope Heavy Notes & Tips

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