Tie Rope Medium

Effect Ties machines down for 90 seconds
Weapons Carja Ropecaster
Type Tie Rope
Crafting Requirements x6 Metal Shards
x6 Wire

Tie Rope Medium is a Tie Rope in Horizon Zero Dawn. Tie Rope Medium can be used with the "Carja Ropecaster".  Tie Ropes can be crafted or purchased from Merchants.


 Tie Rope Medium Effect

  • Ties machine enemies down for 90 seconds.
  • Allows players to tie machine enemies down with fewer shots than using Tie Rope Light.
  • Can be used to temporarily remove machines from the fight.
  • Allows Aloy to more easily target machine parts.


Weapons that can use Tie Rope Medium


How to acquire Tie Rope Medium


Tie Rope Medium Notes & Tips

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