Dervahl's Champion

Location Dervahl's Camp
Rewards Earplugs
Oseram Cannon

Dervahl's Champion is a Boss in Horizon Zero Dawn. Dervahl's Champion can be found at Dervahl's Camp, into the mountains behind Pitchcliff.


Dervahl's Champion Information

Once Aloy has killed all enemies at Dervahl's Camp during the Into The Borderlands Quest, she'll need to find where Ersa is being held. Using Focus, you'll see Ersa behind a large wooden door in the back of the camp. As you approach, a cinematic will start and Dervahl's Champion will emerge from downstairs. Dervahl's Champion performs both ranged and melee attacks.


Dervahl's Champion Locations & Drops


How to Beat Dervahl's Champion

Dervahl's Champion Boss Guide:

His melee attacks deals more damage than his ranged attacks, so try to keep your distance while fighting him. Dip behind some cover and poke out to shoot him.

Attacking his head will deal more damage. You can benefit from Enred presence when he jumps in assist you. Dervahl's Champion will only focus on one target at a time, so you can aim for his head while he shoots Enred to deal more damage.

You can use the Dodge Prowess to roll to the sides and avoid the Dervahl's Champion Oseram Cannon attacks


  • Keep as far as you can from Dervahl's Champion, use your long roll with Dodge Prowess to avoid long ranged attacks.
  • You can increase your damage output by using Fire Arrows.
  • Use Concentration to aid your aim and perform easier headshots.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Melee Attack: If you are standing next to Dervahl's Champion, he will use his Oseram Cannon to hit you.  Use your long roll with Dodge Prowess to avoid the attack.
Long Ranged Attack: Dervahl's Champion performs long ranged attacks when Aloy is not close to him. Dervahl's Champion will shoot rockets to you using his Oseram Cannon. Roll over your left or right to avoid rockets.



Notes & Trivia

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