Description Time slows down while aiming with your bow.
Skill Tree Brave
Skill Cost 1skill_point_icon
Prerequisite None
Unlocks heavy_lifter_skill_horizon_zero_dawn_wiki_25pxHeavy Lifter

Concentration is one of the Brave Skills in Horizon Zero Dawn. Concentration requires 1 Skill Points to be unlocked. Skills in Horizon Zero Dawn are used to upgrade your character capabilities and are divided into four trees.


Concentration Description:

  • While aiming with a bow, triggering Concentration will briefly slow down time for easier aiming.
  • A slowly depleting gauge will appear next to the aiming cursor while using Concentration.
  • Concentration effect lasts for 6 seconds.
  • If the gauge is completely drained, Concentration effect will end automatically.
  • Max cooldown is also 6 seconds if the gauge is completely drained.
  • Players can prematurely end Concentration effect which results in a faster reset time.
  • Concentration can not be used again until the meter refills completely.
  • Concentration is also a useful skill to improve sniping precision with the Sharpshot Bows.


How to unlock Concentration:

  • Concentration is part of the Brave Skill Tree
  • Concentration requires 1 Skill Point to be unlocked


Concentration Notes and Tips

  • Notes & Tips



Brave Skills
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